Our business – part one

Because many friends have asked me to write on my blog about some areas from where I work, I decided to write more posts about our business. And I will take every new revolutionary product and I will present to you in each post. Because my father is a Jack-of-all-trades, he liked to stick himself in various domains, now we have a construction company (since 1995), a security firm (since 1992) and a firm of chemicals (1998) which has two factories producing some innovative products, situated in Filipești (Bacău).

The innovative products are fireproof solutions, polymers, normal and reflective paints (for road marking), stains for wood, professional defrosters, thermal agents, alkyd paint and plasters, epoxies, and some revolutionary products for agriculture (Asfac BCO-4, Messis, Rerum, Embryo, etc).

Today I will write something about our fireproof solutions. One year after we founded Romchim Protect S.A., in 1999, our company began to manufacture a fireproof product under the trade name IGNILEMN O.C.-96. This product was tested during 1996 and 1997 when it was appreciated by World Exhibition on Innovation, Research and New Technologies “Brussels EUREKA”, being awarded with a silver medal. In 1999 the product was approved by The General Inspectorate of Military Firefighters for being the only product from Romania that could be used both inside and outside the building. Also in 1999, Romchim Protect innovated a total biodegradable fireproof product, without negative environmental impacts, named „fireproof solution for interior – ANTIFLAM O.N. 99”.

In 2000, our company innovated a new fire retardant for textiles, being manufactured and marketed under the name „O.A.N.A solution for textile materials”. In the same year, we innovated a new product, a fire protection system under the name „IGNILEM ON 2000”. This product was approved being the only fire protection system used to fireproof houses and wooden structures, but also the wood trim located at the outside of the building.

IGNILEMN O.N 2000 was appreciated and awarded with a GOLD medal in Brussels at the World Exhibition on Innovation, Research and New Technologies “Brussels EUREKA” 2000.

After the segment of ecological construction of timber frame panels and wood chips was developed, appeared increasingly requests on fireproof protection for these types of constructions, using a simper, faster and more efficient flame retardant application. So in 2011 we created a universal flame retardant, under the trade name PROTECT RP I.137. This universal fire retardant is appreciated as a revolutionary product, successfully passing all tests performed in the laboratory of our company.

Among the clients who used these flame retardants are: Cotroceni Palace, Cernavodă Nuclear Power Plant, The National Bank of Romania (the subsidiary of Bacău), The Cathedral of the Archiepiscopate of Roman, the buildings that belong to the Monastery Secu, Bacău’s Office Post buildings, the buildings of Penitentiary of Bacău, The University of Bacău, various religious institutions, heritage buildings, residential districts, etc.

Several years ago we did an experiment: we created a mini neighborhood of 6 wood houses, in order to fireproof 2 of them with our solution. We sprinkled with petrol on all the houses and gave them fire. After 30 minutes, all 2 unprotected houses were made ashes, leaving unaffected only the 2 houses that we treated with our fireproof solution.

If you want to see the video and the photos, you can enter on our website: www.ignifuganti.romchimprotect.ro

At the moment we have 8 patents… to be continued!





3 gânduri despre „Our business – part one

  1. That is quite impressive, my dear friend!
    I only hope you go on with your ideas and improve everything you do!
    May you always be as successful as you are now!


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