The first encounter

Last night I remembered a funny-awkward chapter of my life, more exactly, I remembered the moment when Alin met Roxalia for the first time.

We weren’t together at that moment, but we got along pretty well and we decided it was a good moment for him to meet Roxalia. After I told him about my amazing and funny lifestyle with a toddler, we set a date.

That day came and in the evening  I was with my daughter at his place. ‘Til then, Alin didn’t have children around him, and he didn’t know more about a healthy diet for a little toddler. Because of this, and also to get under her skin, he bought a lot of sweets, from Kinder eggs to Sugus toffees (if you could belive it! :))) and a bottle with Tedi juice. He didn’t know that I was giving her dessert very  rarely, and when I did it I always gave her home made dessert.

Roxalia was so little, she didn’t speak coherently at that time, and because of that she didn’t bother to tell me she felt sick. Although, I knew it from the kindergarten teacher that in the afternoon she puked after she ate something. But I hoped it was a temporary sickness and she recovered.

Roxalia took the bottle with Tedi juice and she drank it all. After 2 minutes, when we were in the middle of Alin’s house, Roxalia changed her face, it became pale… after that she started to vomite. Quickly, I clasp my hands to form a scoop, but she puked so much, that the vomiting flew through my hands like Niagara Waterfall.  And the moment seemed  it took forever.

I rose my eyes, I looked at Alin and I said to him:

– I’m sorry, I’ll clean up immediately.

He approached me and he said a thing that made me look at him with different eyes from that moment:

-No, don’t worry, please, I will clean everything by myself. You can take a sit on the couch.

And then, I stayed there for few seconds, speechless,  in the middle of the orange vomiting.

You know that saying: “ If you want to be loved by the Lion Queen, you must  love her babies first.”   Exactly in this mode he began to win my love.


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