Our business – 2nd part

Last time I wrote  about our fireproof solutions awarded with gold in Brussels at the World Exhibition on Innovation, Research and New Technologies Eureka, and today I want to write about a new generation agricultural biostimulant produced by our company, Romchim Protect. We are proud that this Romanian product is ranked  being the best biostimulant ever used in the agriculture from Romania. This product with remarkable results was obtained after a research of 25 years.

We wish that Asfac Bco-4  become the most famous and sought product for agriculture because it is different from other products on the market in that:

– ASFAC BCO-4 is the only biostimulant with universal application in agriculture, horticulture, viticulture and forestry;

–  applied adequatly, it is leading to large increases in agricultural production and it is guaranteed  that increase the production by 35%, and it ensure the increase of production quality;

– ASFAC BCO-4 is the only non-toxic product which can be applied in any phase of vegetation, including heyday (blossom period);

– The risk is zero in case of excess application (it does not produce etiolated, turgid, burns or marginal necrosis of leaves);

–  It can be used successfully in BIO agriculture.

I don’t praise it because it’s our product, but certainly it’s the best biostimulant in Romania in present. And it’s not only me saying this but all the farmers who have used it say the same thing.

Since the name of the product was on the lips of many farmers, some research institutions have done some studies on ASFAC BCO-4 to see what results can be obtained. Obviously, all the studies done by the National Research and Development Institute for Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Environmental Protection, and other relevant institutions (University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine „Ion Ionescu de la Brad” Iaşi, etc) had excellent results.

ASFAC BCO-4, along with our other agricultural products, Embryo, Rerum and the fertilizers from the range MESSIS, have enjoyed of an exponential growth in sales in Romania thanks to a quality/price ratio extremely competitive. But we will not stop here, our range of agricultural products will be diversified continually, and soon we will release the solid complex fertilizers (NPK), adapted to each type of crop and each field based on soil analysis that we will perform for our clients.


Thanks to a partnership with a Chinese company, we launched last month at the symposium in Sarata Monteoru a premiere for Romania, an unmanned aircraft (drone) that can be used in agriculture in the administration of foliar fertilizers, pesticides but also to monitor and guard the crops.

To be continued…



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