Our business. The 3rd part.

The first firm that my parents founded it was Azia Security Systems. As it has been on the market since I was 5 years old, it’s the company of my heart. Practically, I grew up with it.

Our services are:

  • Guard for different places. The Security and Protection Department provides logistics and security agents for guarding fixed or mobile places, offices of private or state institutions.
  • The Technical Department performs the plan, the installation and the connection to the dispatch of AZIA Security Systems. The monitoring of the transmission at the central station is done through telephone, radio and GPRS.
  • Family services: alarm systems for places, and GPS tracking for automobiles or family members.
  • Azia Security Systems provides escort services for delegates, VIPs or personal security. Some of the services offered are: security and personal protection, monitoring all the duration of an action with professional technology, providing necessary logistics when traveling, rapid evacuation, neutralization hostile elements.
  • Transport of secure values. Azia offers secure transport of values in the area of responsibility of money or packages of any size, sealed and airtight.
  • Training Courses. Azia Security Systems is authorized to organize the qualification program for the job of „Agent for Security and Order” and the training course for “Gun and ammunitions license”.

You can realize how your firm works and if it needs some improvements in the moment when you become its client.

Bodyguards. When I was a teenager, between 15-18 years old, I was going in the club about 5 times per year. Very rarely comparing to the teenagers from nowadays that are going in the club almost every week-end. Maybe I would have liked to go more often if my father had agreed. He didn’t agree with the clubs, but when he did (that happened only when I put a big plan on the way: “I will be with my cousins, with X, Y, Z… I will be safe!) he sent after me 2-3 bodyguards.  And I felt so bad and awkward when I had to be guarded, but I felt so good when all the lush boys with crazy eyes swarmed around our group, and with a simple sign to my bodyguards I managed to get rid of them. Eh, the vanity of sixteen.

Transport of secure values (ha ha ha).  In the 9th grade I went to the High School by the bus the first 2 months… since the 4th of November 2002, when suddenly it started to snow, and I waited an hour in the bus station in cold, in thin autumn clothes. I called my father and I asked him if it’s a chance to send somebody to pick me up. From that moment, he decided that the bodyguards took me to/from school with the intervention car, every morning and afternoon at the hour which I established with them.  And so four years have elapsed.  I had become for those who did not know me closely “the girl from Azia” (fata de la Azia) or for another people… I must say it in Romanian: “fata lu’ Azia”. :))

Training Courses. I did the course for gun license in November 2009, and at the exam, at the shotting task, I got the bullseye 3 times in a row.

Alarm systems, monitoring (installation and the connection of the security systems to the dispatch): I have my house full of sensors, hidden panic buttons, magnetic contacts at all the windows, etc. It wasn’t necessary to test the intervention agents to see if they get rapidly at our place when I press a panic button or anything else, because my daughter already did that a few times, unwittingly. For example, if I forget in the morning to disarm the contacts from the windows which were armed overnight, and Roxalia opens a window, the alarm starts to ring. So when I call the dispatcher to tell him it was a false alarm, the dispatcher answers that the agents are already on the road towards me. : D Anyway I know that they are moving quickly, and they are always arriving in about 3 minutes at the destination.

Due to the trust given by our clients (individuals and companies) on the quality of our services, the company’s business has seen significant growth year after year. AZIA Security Systems is recognized in Romania, in the eastern region, as the provider with the best quality/price ratio, our offer of services is covering all security needs, both of individuals and of legal entities, and we are proud of it.

Our Facebook page: Azia Security Systems (like us!)

Our site: azia.ro



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